About Morningside Clinic


Stopping smoking and weight loss are services offered by Morningside Clinic.
The Clinic is situated in the heart of the Pennines, West Yorkshire, England, UK.
It is approximately half way between West and East coasts and close to all the main northern conurbations.
It overlooks picturesque Hebden Bridge, and is surrounded by magnificent rural scenery.

The founder Dr. John B Landale has devoted most of his life since 1969 to perfecting his revolutionary methods. His treatments of weight loss and stopping smoking are world famous with people travelling from as far away as New Zealand Canada USA and Hawaii 

Treatment at "Morningside" is in well heated, comfortable and pristinely clean surgeries. Only the most modern equipment is used.  
One of the most important aspects of acupuncture is the sterilisation of equipment. At "Morningside" this is done to NHS hospital standards using high pressure autoclave units. This procedure completely eliminates all chances of cross infection from any source. Disposable needles are used.
The Clinic is registered with the local government and complies with all local bye laws and the national code of practice.
Professional indemnity and public liability is provided. A modern clinic with a scientific outlook, set in a magnificent rural area. It has a feeling of tranquillity, yet the treatment is dynamic.

Patients expect, and get fabulous results from Landale’s  Neuronyxis system.

Contact the clinic on 01422 843123.